Our company, JAS International Trading is founded on October 2012 in Bayern, Germany.  JAS International Trading is a trading company dealing with various AGRICULTURAL, ENERGY, INDUSTRIAL and other COMMODITIES. We gain continued support from various product sectors to enhance our trading system. We have trusted and reliable suppliers around the globe for the products mentioned below.


Rock Phosphate 28% – 30% – 32%   (Egypt)

Crude Oil (Russia)

Petroleum Products (Russia)

Diesel D2, Diesel EN 590, Jetfuel A1 bzw. Jet Fuel TS-1, Mazut 100 (Russia / Irak / Iran)

Urea 46 (Russia)

Different Types of Stone Coal

NG (Natural Gas) , LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) and LPG (Liquid Petro Gas)


Tower cranes   (Europe – Dubai – China)

Crawler cranes   (Europe)

Mobile cranes   (Europe)

Welding machines or whole production for different types of can (China)

Spare parts for all  type of cranes (Europe – China)

Repair of Mobile and crawler cranes (Liebherr, Demag, Faun, Grove)

Construction and Road machineries

Waste disposal and waste recycling (Germany)


Coffee   (Columbia)



Spices (Pepper, Chili, etc .) (Vietnam )

Corn and flour (Maize – Oat – Wheat – Barley – Rye)

Soybeans   (India)

Dried fruits and Coconut products   (Philippines)

Cooking Oil

Wine (Romania)

Beer (Germany)

Our trading platform exists in Asia, Middle East and Europe.

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JAS International Trading is owned by Joerg Erich Seidel and Maria Ces Seidel. They are dedicated husband-and wife team. Joerg Erich Seidel has hands-on experience and skills in the operation and management of a crane business. Maria Ces Seidel is a Chemical Engineer and has excellent marketing skills. After working in a company in Dubai, they established and maintained good working relationships with customers and suppliers worldwide. They have excellent communication skills and build up the project team. They are always positive and looking forward to make business with an esteemed company.

Joerg Erich Seidel

Mobile No.: +49(0)15778577571

Maria Ces Seidel

Tel.: +49(0)95517830158

Mobile No.: +49(0)17623679422

Email: jastrading.de@gmail.com

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We will be happy to be at your service. We look forward to your inquiry.  Please fill-out the following form.

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