I was standing here four years ago in the Summer time after four months of giving birth to my youngest daughter Sylvia in Los Angeles CA on February 2010. My husband Jörg and I met our dear friends Marcus and his wife Silke in DRESDEN. Dresden lies on both banks of Elbe River and the nearest cities are Chemnitz and Leipzig. As a first-time tourist, I admired the beautiful sunny weather and I have seen fascinating old buildings, art treasures and museums.We had really fun, tasted the good foods and beer and frolicked around. I call that FREEDOM.

Yesterday, my husband and I with our daughter Sylvia came back to Dresden. Only by far, I saw the same spot I was standing before. We could not get out of the car due to heavy rains and huge winds.I knew that France is battling with extremists. This was not the first time though.I was glued to the news in CNN and I agree with France’s PM, this is about democratic war not about Islam.If FREEDOM is the truth and sets us free but it could be fatal too.Did you know that in Dresden this group PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident) marches every Monday?How ironically since there is less than 1% Muslim people in Dresden. Last New Year’s Day, Chancellor Angela Merkel who welcomes the asylum-seekers in Germany also urged the Germans not to follow these people who organize rallies for their hearts are cold and often full of prejudice and even hate!Source:The Economist

As a writer of Mrs. Punk Rock Cielito, I totally believe in FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. Moreover, I also have the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE what I write about and of whom or to whom I write for. I chose not to write profoundly about religion and politics. I am aware, I know and I care but I do not want to be biased. I am practising my religion and I respect the others. And here, I also raise my pen because I love writing and I love democracy.But NO to violence and killings. #JE SUIS CHARLIE

Dresden is also one of Germany’s leading business location. It is said to be the city of business and science. And this is why we came for the second time around. We were in Technologie Zentrum for business. I am not a tourist and a writer but a trader. We came to represent JAS Trading, our trading company here in Germany. The conference room is ideal for my African taste of decors. It is full of African masks to die for. We have met these respected gentlemen from WIPRO Gmbh and we talked about our intentions to make real and serious business in Africa. Our talks were serious in the beginning but we joked too from “gold nugget to Messi”. In conclusion, we ended our meeting with positive and future plans, For me, the future is Africa! Hey!I might be in Africa on March 2015, isn’t that “sa-fari” amazing? End of FREEDOM OF SPEECH.